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PK Firearms is proud to support S.S.W.T.S. They provide real world training for real world situations. We have taken numerous classes from S.S.W.T.S., and feel they are an outstanding group to learn from. Top notch, professional instructors, with profound real world experience. S.S.W.T.S. instructors have been there and done that, not watched it on YouTube.

If you need any sort of Firearms training, this is the place to get it from!  Located right here in Central Illinois!

Offering classes for:
Basic Pistol
Pistol - 1,2,3
Carbine - 1,2,3
Tactical Carbine
Tactical Shotgun
Concealed Carry
Precision Rifle
Risk Management
Active Shooter
Numerous Skill Builder Courses.
And many, many more!

For more information please visit their website -

Or contact:
Ron Coventry at S.S.W.T.S - Email:
                                        Phone: (217) 972-8523