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GG&G 1169 - Vertical Foregrip w/Compartment


The GG&G Vertical Foregrip has a waterproof compartment in the core of the vertical foregrip. This compartment is large enough to hold two 3V Lithium batteries or two 1.5 N batteries or two AA batteries. It will also accommodate firing pins, ejectors, extractors or other small replacement parts for your weapon system. Unlike other foregrips in the market place which are molded from plastic, all parts of the GG&G Vertical Foregrip are CNC machined from solid black Acetal cold polymer and most importantly are MADE IN AMERICA.

GG&G 1543 - Short Vertical Grip


A vertical grip for the AR-15 and M-16 has become a valued tactical accessory in military, law enforcement and civilian arenas. It provides the operator with several important advantages, from diminishing muzzle climb during burst-fire sequences to simply offering a more comfortable shooting stance. The Short Vertical Grip like the GG&G SFG-1 has become a very popular alternative to the popular Standard Length Vertical Grip.

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