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Troy Industries Back-Up Iron Sight - COMBO SET - FRONT AND REAR


Front flip-up - HK Style - sight for quad rail forends with dual peep rear sight, same plane aperture allows for perfect co-witness of red dot and holographic optics.  Full Windage adjustment knob located in same position as standard M16A2, A3, A4 weapons.  Each click equals .25 MOA (M16A4 rifle) and .33 MOA (M4 carbine) shift in impact.  A stainless steel cross-lock provides 1000 pounds of shear strength.  Sight works in conjunction with all standard height front sights.  The cross-lock guarantees return to zero, eliminates all wobble and the possibility of accidental folding.  A release button is depressed to fold.  Low profile snag resistant design.  Precision machined Aircraft T6 Aluminum Billet and Stainless Steel Construction.