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Knight's Armament Aimpoint Micro Offset Scope Ring Mount - 30mm


This KAC Offset Scope Ring Mount attaches an Aimpoint T-1 or H-1 Micro optic to a variable power scope tube for use in close range engagements.  Kit includes 2 KAC Aimpoint Micro Battery Cap Assemblies for on board storage of up to 4 additional batteries.  Mfg Part #: 20654.  Aimpoint optic not included.

Kit Contents:

Aimpoint Micro 45 Degree Offset Rail Mount


The KAC 45 Degree Offset Aimpoint Micro Mount is intended to be attached to either the 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock rail position, placing the red dot to the side of a primary optic at a 45 degree angle. A quick roll of the rifle is all that's required for the shooter to acquire a useable sight picture through the red dot for close range engagements. Compatible with both T-1 and H-1 Aimpoint Micro optics.