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Ergo Suregrip


Ergonomically designed grip is comfortable and prevents fatigue. Sure Grip is rubber overmolded type texture. Rear upper extension supports the web of the hand and aids in control of the weapon. 

Available in Dark Earth.

Ergo Suregrip Tactical Deluxe with Palm Rest


available in dark earth

With web support rear extension and ambidextrous palm swell on both sides of grip.  Suregrip rubber texture with palm rest.

Hogue Rubber Grip - RRA


Hogue OverMolded pistol grip with finger grooves and palm swells.  Available in FDE or OD Green.

These are Hogue grips sourced from Rock River Arms.  They have the RRA logo directly below the safety, just like in the picture.

Magpul MOE Grip


The Magpul Original Equipment Grip (MOE) is a cost-effective drop-in replacement for the standard pistol grip on AR15/M16 rifles. Designed with improved ergonomics and an anti-slip texture, the MOE Grip accepts standard Magpul MIAD storage cores, and is compatible with the Magpul Enhanced Aluminum Trigger Guard. Available in Black and Dark Earth.

TangoDown BG-FG Flip Grip - BLACK


The BG-FG Flip Grip allows a shooter to change weapon grip angles... in seconds, without tools. Choose between 24 degrees of rake or true vertical positions, quickly and securely. Select vertical - it's perfect for PSD or weapon in-vehicle use, and enjoy a relaxed strong hand wrist angle. Need to switch to a more conventional raked angle for range use? Just pull down on the grip housing and rotate 180 degrees to lock into position. Simple. Strong.

Magpul GEN 1.1 MIAD Grip - AR-15 - TYPE 1


The MIAD (MIssion ADaptable) GEN 1.1 Grip is a drop-in replacement for the standard AR15/AR10 grip, now available in dedicated 5.56x45 and 7.62x51 configurations.  It is designed to improve ergonomics with interchangeable front and rear straps for personalized hand fit, an aggressive texture for positive weapon control, and is compatible with all Magpul Grip Cores to adapt to various storage needs.

This update to the original MIAD has improved strap retention and also comes standard with the newest grip core; a lubrication bottle core.