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Desert Tech Field Tool Kit


Super compact tool kit that has all the essentials to make barrel changes, optics mounting, trigger adjustments and other adjustments.

Measuring only 5.5"L X 4"W X 1.5"H. It opens up clam shell style with retaining straps holding the bits and pieces in place.

It comes with molle attachements on the back side and velcro on the front for attachment or to throw your favorite patch on. Attach it to your bag, backpack or throw it in your pocket.

Has the tools necessary to do barrel changes and torque to the right specs. For barrel changes and optics mounting.

Will work for SRS, HTI and MDR along with other rifles.

Kit includes:
T-Handle (magnetized all 3-sides)
80 in/lb torque limiter
15 in/lb torque limiter
5mm Hex
4mm Hex
3mm Hex
2.5mm Hex
5/32 Hex
1/8 Hex
3/32 Hex
5/64 Hex
1/16 Hex
0.05" Hex
T-30 Torx
T-25 Torx
T-20 Torx
T-15 Torx
T-10 Torx
Slotted Sz 5
1/2" Socket adapter & 1/2" Socket
L-Allen (ball end) 2mm
L-Allen (ball end) 2.5mm