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Pulsar Core RXQ30V


The Pulsar Core RXQ30V thermal rifle scope is making big waves in the night vision industry. The RXQ30V is the least expensive weapons mountable thermal riflescope to ever hit the market. But be warned, do not assume that phrases like "least expensive" or "budget thermal" mean it's a stripped down scope with poor specs and no features. It's actually quite the opposite. The Core RXQ30V's specs are better than many thermal scopes with a price tag of at least twice its price.

The RXQ30V has a 384x288 thermal core sensor, 17 micron pixel pitch, 1.6x-6.4x magnification, 50Hz refresh rate, an AMOLED display with a unique sapphire green tint to help reduce eye fatigue and a 985 yard detection range. Before the release of this new optic, the least expensive thermal rifle scope with similar specs was nearly $4,000. This is the single largest price drop and technology increase ever in the thermal hunting scope industry.

Pulsar didn't skimp on the internal features of the scope either, including all their standard and sought after features like, picture in picture, 10 reticle options, One-Shot Zeroing, dead pixel repair, white hot/black hot, 3 zeroing profiles and more. The only thing noticeably missing from the RXQ30V is a video-out port that would allow for recording videos via an external DVR. Pulsar also includes a return-to-zero, quick-detach mount that allows the scope to be quickly moved from rifle to rifle. Also included is Pulsar's excellent 3 year warranty in the rare event you ever need it.

The Pulsar Core RXQ30V is a revolutionary thermal rifle scope because it combines high quality, amazing specs and great features all for a record breaking price. Many hog and coyote hunters who never dreamed they'd be able to afford a thermal scope will now have a full featured option within their budget.

• 384x288 Thermal Image Sensor
• 17 Microns
• 50Hz Refresh Rate
• AMOLED 640x480 Green Tinted Display
• 1.6x Optical Magnification
• Up to 6.4x Digital Zoom
• Picture in Picture Zooming
• White-Hot / Black-Hot Modes
• Multiple Reticle Pattern Options
• One Shot Zeroing
• IPX7 Rating - Fully Waterproof
• Long Battery Life - 2 CR123A Batteries
• Defective Pixel Repair Feature
• Item Number: PL76483