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Primary Weapons Systems MK107 RIFLE – MOD 2 SBR


Primary Weapons Systems MK107 RIFLE – MOD 2 SBR

The PWS upper and lower receivers are now forged, allowing for a stronger and lighter product.

A common known fact that has been lost through the marketing efforts of many AR 15 manufacturers is that a forging can produce a piece that is much stronger than a billet part.

As the metal is shaped during the forging process, its
internal grain aligns to follow the general shape of the part.

As a result, the grain is continuous throughout the part,
giving rise to a part that is stronger, yet lighter, than a billet

The MOD 2 handguard has been equipped with the new PicMod® Technology. This allows you to mount any KeyMod attachment anywhere on your rail while being able to mount most Picatinny accessories directly to the rail in the areas where the PicMod® feature is present.

This  gives you the most mounting options without having to use KeyMod mounted Picatinny rail sections, adding unnecessary width and weight to your rifle.
THIS IS AN NFA ITEM. All NFA rules apply.

 Weight -5lb 8.8 oz

Barrel Length – 7.75″

Overall Length – 24.6″

Gas Piston System – Pistol

Barrel Twist – 1:8


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