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Patriot Concealment Systems - Annihilation IWB Series


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** NOTE:  The Kimber 1911 3" & 4", will NOT fit Sig Sauer 1911s.  They WILL fit S&W, Colt, and Springfield 1911s.


The Annihilation Dedicated IWB Series holster is our most popular product among our customers. This holster has been battle tested and proven to be a go to choice for concealed carry. Made with a 15 degree forward cant, high sweat shield, adjustable retention and a Polymer FOMI clip makes strong side concealed carry comfortable and convenient. 

The primary carry position for this holster is the kidney carry position. Typically worn above a user's wallet, the 15 degree forward cant provides the proper angle in which to deploy the weapon with ease. The Polymer FOMI clip provides the user the ability to move the holster on the fly to find their sweet spot. It also provides the confidence that once the FOMI clip is secured over the belt the holster will not come out of the waistband easily. 

Light Weight
No Added Bulk
Adjustable Retention
Customized to your request

.080 Holstex
American Made Brass & Steel hardware finished with Black Oxide
Custom molded for each individual order
Each Order custom finished to perfection