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AR15 Magazine - 20 round Okay Industries - Black


USGI - Mil-Spec - government contract mags. Manufactured in Connecticut by Okay Industries. Okay Industries has been producing M16 magazines for the US Gov't for over 35 years. There are many companies advertising their magazines to be be milspec or USGI equivalent, however, these companies do not have a government contract, and have actually failed government testing for durability as well as reliability. While these magazines are not of the lowest price, they are of the highest quality.  Buy with confidence

Beta C 100 Round Drum - 9mm Colt AR15 - CLEARBACK


100 round capacity Beta C magazine for Colt 9mm pattern AR15 and M16 rifles.  Clearback for visual round count.  Includes pouch, loader, operators manual, and two tubes of powdered graphite lubricate.

Bulgarian Bullet Marked 30 Round AK Magazine


Just in, Bulgarian 30 Round AK mags! These mags feature reinforced lips and steel floor plates. A great mag at a great price in new condition.

Bulgarian Bullet Marked 40 Round AK Magazine


Just in, Bulgarian 40 Round AK mags. These mags feature reinforced lips and steel floor plates. A great mag at a great price in new condition.

C-Products Defense 5 Round AR-15 Magazine - 5.56 NATO


C-Products Defense 5 Round AR-15 Magazine.  Manufactured from 400 series stainless steel, matte black finish, black anti-tilt follower, follower spring manufactured from 17-7 stainless steel wire.

Glock - 33 Round Magazine - 9mm


Original Glock, Fits all Glock double stack 9mm pistols.

Glock 22 - Gen 4 - 15rd Magazine


Fourth generation magazines work with all Glocks, including the new Glock with ambidextrous Mag release. 40 S&W

RRA LAR-8 Polymer 20 Round Magazine


These are designed for use with the Rock River Arms LAR-8 rifle in .308 and the NEW .243 and 7mm-08 uppers. The original FAL/L1A1 mags WILL NOT work with the .243 or 7mm-08 caliber upper, you must use these new polymer mags.

Magpul 5 Round Limiter


The PMAG 5 Round Limiter installs in standard 20 round PMAG bodies, reducing the magazine capacity to 5 rounds. Designed for sporting and hunting applications, installation of the Limiter is simple, tool-less, and requires no permanent modification of the magazine body.

Sold in Package of Three.

NOTE: This product does not make PMAG 20 magazines legal in jurisdictions where magazines with a capacity of 20 rounds are prohibited. Consult all local, state, and federal regulations prior to usage.

Made in U.S.A.


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