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AR15/M16 Strip LULA


10rd stripper clip & loose rounds mag loader & unloader. Fits all AR15/M16 5.56mm type metal and polymer mags.

Vickers Tactical - Glock Tactical Magazine Floor Plate - VTMFP-001


Few people understand modern combat pistol craft like Larry Vickers, who has a distinct eye for potential real-world pistol improvements. After countless hours behind the pistol, he intuitively understands what will fall short in a gun fight. According to Larry, Glock has an enviable reputation for simplicity, durability and accuracy.. much desired qualities in a fighting gun. However, one small flaw could ruin your day.. the OEM magazine base plate. If the magazine fails to fall free from the pistol during a critical speed reload, there’s little you can do about it quickly.

SR-25 / DPMS / PMAG LULA - Magazine Loader / Unloader - 7.62x51mm / .308 Winchester


The LULA is an all-in-one magazine speed loader and unloader.  It is simple to use, it elimates thumb pain and injury, elimates wear on magazine feed lips, prolongs magazine life, it's lightweight and fits in your pocket, reliable in all weather, manufactured from durable, reinforced polymer, and is tested and combat proven.

Fits 5, 10, 20, and 25 round SR25 type 7.62 / .308 metal and polymer mags, made by: Magpul, DPMS, Knight's Armament, POF USA, LaRue Tactical, C-Products and Oberland Arms.  This loader does not fit early AR10 waffle mags.

CAMBI Magazine Loader #101 - AR-15/M16 - .223 / 5.56mm


The CAMBI Magazine Loader provides a fast and easy method for filling your magazines with rounds of ammunition.  Made of a tough and flexible polymer, this loader is built to last.  Simply drop a round of ammunition into the tunnel on top of the loader and press the lever forward. The CAMBI Loader is a great tool for shooters who do not have a lot of firearms experience or much hand strength.  THESE MAGAZINE LOADERS ARE NEW, OLD STOCK ITEMS.  THE CLAMSHELL PACKAGING HAS SOME SCUFF MARKS, BUT OUTSIDE OF THAT THESE ARE BRAND NEW, UNUSED ITEMS.

Vickers Tactical +2 Magazine Extension for the Glock 43 #VTMFP-006 43


Vickers Tactical +2 Magazine Extension for the Glock 43 #VTMFP-006 43

Injection molded of the same durable material used in the magazine body itself, the extended floorplate shape was designed to comfortably accommodate a proper firing grip.  With 2 additional rounds on board, ammunition capacity is now 8 + 1 in the weapon.  Also included is a new longer, smooth feeding heat-treated stainless steel spring, with 100% last-round slide lock backs that are guaranteed.