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YHM 7284 EZ Pull Takedown and Pivot Pin - COMBO SET


These takedown pins have over-sized heads to make separating the upper and lower receiver faster and easier.  Perfect for the shooting enthusiast with a variety of top ends and a single lower receiver.  Heat treated and plated to Military Specs.

Both Front and Rear Pins.

Solid Timney AR10 Trigger .154 - 4 Pound - AR10


The Timney AR-10 trigger is a self-contained, 100% drop-in unit ready to install in an AR-10 rifle for an exceptionally smooth, crisp, single-stage trigger pull. No gunsmithing, fitting, or adjusting required. Pull weight is factory set at 4 pounds. Lightweight, 6061 T6 alloy housing is anodized for superior durability. Hammer is EDM machined from S7 tool steel that combines hardness to resist wear with superior impact resistance to withstand heavy use without chipping or breaking.

LR - 308 - 4 Pound Solid Curved Timney Trigger WITH DPMS Lower Receiver Parts Kit


Timney Tigger / DPMS Combo Kits - includes all of the parts required to assemble your stripped lower or to rebuild your completed LR 308 receiver.



Developed from the operational experience of the Magpul Dynamics team, the B.A.D. Lever (Battery Assist Device) is designed to considerably improve the speed and efficiency of the AR15/M16 bolt catch. The B.A.D. Lever quickly addresses reloading and malfunction clearance shortcomings of AR15/M16 platforms by extending a paddle to the right side of the weapon, allowing manipulation of the bolt stop from the fire control/ready position with the right-hand trigger finger.

Geissele SSA-E (Super Semi-Auto Enhanced) Trigger


The Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced (SSA-E) Trigger is a finely-tuned semi-automatic-only version of our full-auto, two stage combat trigger presently used in the U.S. Special Operations Community. Built on the chassis of the Geissele SSA, the SSA-E provides enhanced trigger control and weapon accuracy while maintaing the robustness and reliability of our combat-proven two-stage trigger. The SSA-E's reduced 1st and 2nd stage pull weights result in a trigger with a smooth, light 1st stage take-up and a crisp, candy cane-like 2nd stage break.

Grip Screw - Stainless Steel - Hex Head


1/4 x 28 x 1" long, Stainless Steel Grip Screw.

Geissele Super Dynamic 3 Gun (SD-3G) Trigger


The Geissele Super Dynamic - 3 Gun (SD-3G) trigger is a semi-automatic-only derivatice of the two-stage Super Select Fire (SSF) combat trigger that Geissele produces for customers in the U.S. Special Operations Community. The SD-3G was developed to combine the SSF combat trigger's match-grade semi-auto performance with its smooth single-stage full-auto feel to make a fast, smooth and robust trigger ideal for 3 Gun competition shooting.

Rock River Arms - Varmint - 2 Stage Trigger


Rock River Arms - VARMINT - 2 Stage Trigger.  Approximately 3.5 to 4 pounds of total pull weight.