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KNS Precision Gen 2 AR-15 .1555 Oversize Non-Rotating Hammer & Trigger Pins


New generation 2 design with special anti-spin & anti-creep retainers to prevent wear on your AR15 or M16 receiver. New anti-creep retainers and pin are removable for lubricant injection. Pin installation tool & 2 allen wrenches included. No modification to gun is required.

KNS Precision AR15 .1555 Oversize Match Hammer & Trigger Pins


The .1555 diameter pins are designed to tighten up worn receivers or to be installed in new receivers with match trigger sets to remove all free play. These will fit new receivers without any machine work. Made of 416 stainless steel, CNC machined for correct fit.

KNS Precision AR15 .250 Quick Release Pivot Pin


This pivot pin has a spring loaded push button.  When pushed, the stainless steel keeper pins retract for removal.

Magpul Industries - ALUMINUM - Winter Trigger Guard


The Enhanced Trigger Guard is a drop in replacement for the M16/AR15 weapons platform. Features a shallow "V" shape for better use of gloves in tactical shooting or winter operations.