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Vltor VIS-KMSL12 - SLIMLINE PROFILE Keymod Upper Receiver


The VIS-KMSL12 SLIMLINE PROFILE Keymod Upper Receiver has a flat bottom lower handguard which allows for an overall height reduction, slimmer profile, and a wider base.  Based solely in the KeyMod™ mounting system, the user will be able to attach any KeyMod™ accessory to the five mounting surface panels positioned around the barrel.  The user will find that the flat bottom profile has improved ergonomics when in operation.

Magpul - M-LOK Rail Cover Type 1


M-LOK Type 1 Rail Covers are low-profile and light weight covers that install directly onto M-LOK compatible systems. Made of an extremely heat resistant flexible material, these covers offer an enhanced gripping surface.

At 9.5” in length they cover six full M-LOK slots but can be cut for customized length or to combine colors.

Availabe in Black and FDE

Includes two Covers per package.


Rock River Arms DLX EXT - Mid Handguard


Extended length, requires the use of a low profile gas block. Length: 11.25 inches. Weight: 12.5 ounces. Includes three Short Accessory Rails

Rock River Arms DLX EXT - XL Handguard


XL 15.5 inch extended length, requires the use of a low profile gas block. Weight: 16.0 ounces. Includes three Short Accessory Rails.

Seekins - MCSR V2 - 12" Keymod


Modular Combat Suppressor Rail (MCSR) V2 is a high performance, free float hand guard system designed to be compatible with the use of a suppressor. Precision machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, the inside diameter is large enough for most suppressors to fit inside, protecting the shooter from suppressor burns. The aggressive use of cooling slots helps dissipate heat from both the suppressor and barrel, as well as make the hand guard extremely lightweight for your AR-15 rifle.

KAC - URX 4 - 10.75"


The KAC URX 4 Rail is a fully modular design that utilizes the revolutionary KeyMod accessory mounting system. The URX 4 Rail is stronger and more stable than previous URX designs due to its one piece construction. It is also lighter due to its Integral Barrel Nut (IBN) system of attachment. The IBN system allows the rail itself to act as the barrel nut when torqued onto the rifle, completely eliminating the need for a separate steel barrel nut. KeyMod accessories may be mounted anywhere along the URX 4's length, making it one of the most user configurable designs on the market. 

Knights Armament - Rubberized Thumb Rest


This rubberized thumb rest features an elevated stop and textured grip to accommodate an isosceles shooting stance. The thumb rest is designed to be installed on a MIL-STD-1913 top rail. 

Vltor Freedom Rail - 12 inch Keymod - FRE-12


New for 2016, the Freedom Rail is leading the way to the next generation of handguards for VLTOR. After evaluating feedback from customers, VLTOR designed a new lightweight, one-piece handguard that is compatible with most Mil-Spec AR-15 components. The Freedom Rail provides a strong and rigid forend that is easy to install with the provided hardware and barrel nut. This rail is offered in various popular lengths to satisfy any build.


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