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Troy Industries 13 Inch Bravo SDMR - Keymod Rail


Troy Industries SDMR rails install quickly and easily on a standard barrel nut.  The streamlined one-piece design is exceptionally lighweight and sleek.  With its series of 11 keyholes at the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions and 5 limited rotation QD sling swivel sockets, accessory mounting is simple and reliable.  Machined from hardened aircraft aluminum with stainless steel components and finished in mil-spec hardcoat anodizing.

Overall Length:  13.25 in
Inside Diameter: 1.40 in
Weight: 11.6 oz

Noveske Keymod Direct Attach K9 Barricade Support


The K9 was developed by the Noveske Shooting Team to address the problem with shooting off, through, and around flimsy or otherwise non sturdy barricades.  The K9 also is very effective when used in port windows and doorways. Through stage design and course of fire (COF) freestyle rifle shooting is made more difficult by dictating which targets can be engaged through which ports and over what barricades.

Rock River Arms TRO - CAR Handguard


Rock River Arms TRO (Top Rail Octagonal) CAR Handguards are milspec hardcoat annodized, a lightweight 3 piece design, are 9.25 inches long and weigh 9.3 oz.

Requires the use of a low-profile gas block.

KAC Keymod Flat Panel Kit


The KAC Keymod Flat Panel Kit includes a set of seven polymer rail panels.  Each textured panel snaps securely to any bare section of Keymod equipped rail, providing a more positive gripping surface and also insulating the support hand from barrel heat.  While designed for the URX 4 rail, these panels will also fit any other rifle handguard that has a Keymod interface.

Available in Black and Dark Earth.

KAC Keymod Barrier Stop


Features an aggressively textured contact plate that bites into a wooden barrier’s surface to create a more stable shooting platform.  Aluminum construction.  Mounts directly to keymod rails.

KAC Keymod Sling Hook


Designed for use with a single point sling.  Allows the user to snag a portion of the sling with the rail mounted hook, drawing the rifle’s forend snugly to the side of the body.  Aluminum construction.  Mounts directly to keymod rails.

KAC Keymod Sling Mount


Low profile QD sling mount is compatible with push button sling swivels.  Aluminum construction.  Mounts directly to keymod rails.

KAC Keymod 7 Slot Rail Section


Knight's Armament 7 Slot keymod rail section.  Mounts directly to keymod rails.  3.7 inches long.

KAC Keymod 9 Slot Rail Section


Knight's Armament 9 Slot keymod rail section.  Mounts directly to keymod rails.  4.5 inches long.

KAC - URX 4 - 10 Inch - AR-15 Keymod Rail


The URX 4 is a continuous top-rail system that utilizes the Keymod mounting brackets developed by Vltor and Noveske.  This rail system is built stronger and more stable than previous designs due to the absence of a removable bottom rail.  The modular layout allows an end user to fully customize exactly where to place accessories without the use of specialized tools, small parts, or additional forces applied to the barrel.


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