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Daniel Defense LADDER Cover - Long


Sold individually (1).  Available in Black or OD Green.

M4 Style Handguards


Available in Black or OD Green with aluminum heatshield

Magpul Industries Long Solid Rail Covers


Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, and Olive Drab.

Noveske NSR Polymer Panel Set


The Noveske NSR polymer panel set is designed to mount on the NSR handguard to provide a slim and comfortable grip.  The panels are textured to give a positive place to grip the handguard and they attach using the keymod slots. 

Set contains 8 pieces consisting of 1-long panel which covers 7 keymod slots, 4-short panels which cover 1 keymod slot, 1-short locking panel which covers 1 keymod slot, 1-rear handstop which covers 2 keymod slots, and 1-front handstop which covers 1+ keymod slots and extends flush to the front of the handguard.

Magpul XTM Handstop Kit


The four-piece XTM Hand Stop Kit serves as a lightweight, low-profile rail mounted index point for improved weapon control, or as a forward stop to prevent the shooter's hand from reaching the hot front sight assembly or muzzle. The kit includes one Hand Stop, one Index Panel, one full XTM Enhanced Panel, and one XTM Enhanced Half Panel.  Available in Black and Dark Earth.

Magpul XTM ENHANCED Rail Panel Set


The XTM Enhanced Rail Panels are low-profile, two-piece covers that attach anywhere on a 1913 Picatinny rail without having to remove previously mounted accessories. Replacing the original XTM Panels, The Enhanced XTM Panels feature an aggressive anti-slip texture and dual-side routing clips for retention of light/laser cables. The design and reinforced material construction ensure the panels will remain in place under all operating conditions, but allows for easy removal using the tips of two rounds when necessary.