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GG&G 1283 Remington Single Point Sling Adapter for HK Style Hooks


Single point tactical slings using HK Style snap hooks attached to shotguns such as the highly regarded and widely used Remington 870, have become very popular in both military and law enforcement special operations circles. Because of the lack of an alternative method, most shooters have just clipped into a standard sling swivel. Although this works, it is noisy and provides a loose and sloppy sling attachment.

GG&G has just developed a great lightweight and rugged alternative to clipping into the standard sling swivel, the New GG&G 870 Shotgun Single Point Sling Attachment For HK Style Snap Hooks. Precision machined from rugged 7075 aircraft grade billet aluminum alloy and Type III hard anodized matte black per mil-spec, it has been designed for the rigors associated with professional use. The Single Point Sling Attachment can easily be installed by the operator. A dual point sling system can also be employed with this attachment.

Fits Remington 870, 1100 and 1187 Shotguns