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WE KINDLY ASK THAT YOU PLEASE NOT CALL TO CHECK WHETHER AN ITEM IS IN STOCK OR NOT.  PLEASE TRUST US WHEN WE SAY IT IS IN STOCK!  We do not advertise any item that we do not have sitting on the shelf ready to ship.  Our inventory is LIVE and updates as items are purchased.   Sometimes items become sold out after normal business hours, however the shopping cart will alert you that the item is not available, and will not allow you to purchase it.  This is the only time that items might appear on the website that are NOT IN STOCK, however once we reopen for business, the items are then removed from the website and will not appear again until new stock arrives.  AGAIN, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CALLING TO CHECK WHETHER AN ITEM IS IN STOCK - IF YOU CAN SEE IT ON THE WEBSITE IT IS IN STOCK!

All products sold on our website include a picture of the item that you will receive, (ALL PICTURES ARE REPRESENTATIVE, BUT WE TRY TO KEEP THEM AS ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE) along with a brief description about what the item is.  In the description we only list the items that are included with the purchase, not the items that aren’t included.  For example, if you would like to purchase a complete upper and it has a chrome bolt carrier group, the ad will say that it comes with a chrome bolt carrier group, etc.  Another example would be gas blocks and gas tube roll pins.  Our gas blocks are advertised as gas blocks with nothing in the ad mentioning a gas tube roll pin, therefore they do not come with one.  The gas tube roll pin must be purchased separately.  Please read each ad carefully before ordering.

We do not currently backorder any products that we carry.  We strive to keep sufficient inventory on the shelves at all times, although from time to time we do run out of certain products.  When we run out of a product, we remove it from the website until new stock arrives, at which time it will again be advertised for sale on our site.

Unfortunately we do have a minimum order amount of $15.00.  Any orders that do not meet this requirement will be automatically adjusted up to the amount of $15.00 at checkout. 

We strive to answer every question that we can about orders, however if you e-mail a question about an order you must have your order number in the subject line or the e-mail will not be responded to.  At PK Firearms we process hundreds of orders per week.  The simplest and quickest way for us to obtain your information and answer your question is to have the order number along with the question.

We encourage all customers to place orders on the website when possible.  This process is much faster and less likely to contain human error.  We understand that when it comes to custom upper assemblies, etc. there are sometimes questions, or changes that need to be made, and we are happy to handle these over the phone.

All firearms, complete uppers, shipments to apartment buildings or places of business, and shipments with a value of $500 or more will require a signature at time of delivery.  If you type anything in the company field of the shipping information section we will assume this is a place of business and therefore a signature will be required at time of delivery.  Please do not type anything in the company field, if the address is not a place of business.  UPS requires all packages left at apartment buildings to have a signature required regardless of the value of the merchandise or whether or not we requested for the package to be signature required.  If you have an order that fulfills any of these requirements please plan ahead and either have someone available to sign for the delivery or have it shipped to your workplace, a friend's house, etc.  Once the package leaves our facility the signature option cannot be changed.

At PK Firearms we strive to provide the best customer service possible.  All damaged or missing items can be rectified with a simple phone call to PK Firearms.  We prefer to handle these situations over the phone.  When an e-mail is sent regarding these matters, there is no assurance that we receive or even know about the matter at hand.  Sometimes spam filters can delete e-mails before we look at them, therefore we cannot be sure that the problem will be addressed in a timely manner.  If the call is made after normal business hours, please leave a message containing your name, phone number, and online order number, and we will call you back as soon as time permits.

If you place an order and the address or any other information is wrong, please call us as soon as possible to let us know.  If the phone call is made after hours, please leave a message containing your name, phone number, and online order number, along with the details of the address change.  If the mistake is fixed before the package is shipped there will be no charge, however if the package has already been shipped UPS will charge $12.00 to make a change in route.  Unfortunately this charge would be passed along to the customer.  Please review all address information carefully before completing your order.  PK Firearms is not responsible for address errors made by the customer. 

Please understand that all refunds to credit cards take several business days to process.  PK Firearms will process all refunds within 24 hours after receiving merchandise back (excluding weekends and holidays), however after PK Firearms authorizes the refund it can take several business days for the credit card company to process before the refund shows back up on your statement.


The gateway which processes credit cards through our website has numerous security features to prevent credit card fraud.  Many times orders are not processed because the billing address entered in our system does not match the billing address on file with the credit card company, however there are other security measures that it monitors before deciding if the order can be processed.  Anytime an order is placed on our website, regardless of whether the order succeeds or fails, the issuing credit card company places an authorization, or hold, on the credit card for the dollar amount of the order.  This is done by the credit card company to ensure that the card is not overcharged beyond the credit limit before the charges are processed.  Charges to the card are not completed instantly but instead have to be approved by PK Firearms before the credit card company actually processes it and makes a charge to the card.  Failed orders cannot be approved on our system, therefore they are not actually charged.  The authorization, or hold, on the card is done by the credit card company,not PK Firearms.  We have no way of removing the authorization, only the issuing credit card company can do this.  If the charge is not approved the authorization will drop off of the card automatically however the time frame varies with each different credit card company.  Please remember that each time an order is placed, even if it fails to be processed, it will result in an authorization being placed on the card for the dollar amount of the order.  Placing numerous orders that fail to be processed can result in the credit card limit being reached, at which time you will not be able to place a successful order because of insufficient funds on the card.  PLEASE STOP IF YOU SEE THE MESSAGE "ORDER WAS NOT PROCESSED".  TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHAT CAUSED THE FAILURE BEFORE PROCEEDING.  THIS WILL HELP AVOID NUMEROUS AUTHORIZATIONS ON THE CREDIT CARD, WHICH COULD POTENTIALLY RESULT IN THE CARD TEMPORARILY HAVING INSUFFICIENT FUNDS DUE TO MULTIPLE AUTHORIZATIONS ON THE CARD.  IF THIS HAPPENS YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SUCCESSFULLY USE THE CARD FOR ANY PURCHASES UNTIL THESE AUTHORIZATIONS ARE REMOVED.   PK FIREARMS CANNOT REMOVE THESE AUTHORIZATIONS, ONLY THE ISSUING CREDIT CARD COMPANY CAN.  YOU WILL HAVE TO CALL THE CARD ISSUER TO GET THESE REMOVED. 

All firearms that are purchased on our website must be transferred to a federal firearms licensed dealer (FFL).  The firearm can be purchased before the license is received, however it will not be shipped until a valid license is sent to us.  When you purchase a firearm, place the order just like you would for any other item on our website; however you must contact a local FFL dealer in your area and have them either fax or e-mail a copy of their license to us.  This is not PK Firearms' responsibility.   Instruct the dealer that you are using them for the transfer and to include your name and order number on the faxed page or in the subject line of the e-mail, otherwise your shipment may be delayed.  You should also put a note in the special instructions section of the order form to let us know who the FFL dealer is, as this will help to speed up processing of the order.  As soon as a valid license is received, the firearm will be shipped to the local dealer and all paperwork to complete the transfer to the customer is finished by them.  We need a copy of the license faxed or e-mailed each time an order is placed regardless of whether you have ordered a firearm from us in the past.  We process many firearm orders each day and do not have time to sort through the stacks of paperwork to locate a license.  The shipping information section of the shopping cart can contain either your shipping information or the FFL's shipping information, it doesn't really matter because we only ship firearms to the address listed on the Federal Firearms License that we receive for the order, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.  The email address that is provided in the shipping information section of the shopping cart is the address that will get the UPS tracking number sent to it.  If you, the customer, would like to receive the tracking number, make sure that your email address is listed here.  We cannot ship any firearms to California.

Fax number: 217-774-5814

Email address:

At PK Firearms we can build any custom upper that you prefer, providing we have the parts on hand and they are compatible with one another.  If you have a specific upper that you would like built, but cannot find it on our website, please email In the email please include the specific barrel, bolt carrier, charging handle, handguard, muzzle device (if applicable), and upper receiver that you would like to use in the custom build.  Please keep in mind that we do not special order parts for these custom built uppers.  We will only quote custom built uppers that use parts that we already have in inventory.  If you request a quote for something that we do not have on hand or components that are not compatible with one another, we will let you know.  (Any item that you see advertised on the website is in stock and could potentially be used for a custom built upper).  You also have the option of shipping some of your own components to us to be used for assembly.  Quotes are processed Mon-Fri and will be responded to as quickly as possible.  All custom built uppers will ship no more than 1 business day after the order has been placed.   All custom upper receiver assemblies built by PK Firearms will state in the advertisement "These are assembled and test fired by PK Firearms", if the advertisement does not say this the upper is a factory upper, built by the listed manufacturer.  Custom upper assemblies on our website are categorized according to who manufactured the barrel used in the upper assembly.  Beyond this it does not necessarily mean that the rest of the components used in the build are from that particular manufacturer.  For example, this does not necessarily mean that a custom upper listed as a Daniel Defense contains all Daniel Defense parts such as the receiver, bolt carrier, etc.  If the components such as the receiver or bolt carrier are manufactured by Daniel Defense, etc. we will include this information in the advertisement, however if the advertisement merely states that it is a mil-spec flat top receiver or an M16 bolt carrier with no manufacturer specified, it could be produced by any of several well-known OEM manufacturers on the east coast.  At PK Firearms we sell only the highest quality components from well known OEM manufacturers, the same manufacturers used by military and law enforcement agencies nation wide

PK Firearms does not permanently attach flash hiders to any rifle or upper that we sell.  If you need to have a flash hider permanently attached it would be the responsibility of the customer to find a gunsmith willing to do the work.  We will work with the customer if the item needs to be shipped from our facility to someone else in order to have this work done.  Just give us a phone call and we will be happy to work with you on this matter.

All complete upper assemblies sold on our website are sold with bolt carrier groups that have been properly headspaced and test fired.  Upon receiving they are ready to shoot and can be pinned on your lower without any further assembly needed. 

At PK Firearms we will not sell any complete upper assembly that does not have a properly headspaced and test fired bolt carrier installed in it.  We could never be sure that the upper is functional or safe to shoot if it has not been headspaced and test fired by one of our armorers.  If you would like to purchase a complete upper assembly without the bolt carrier installed, we would be happy to ship all of the parts needed, however it would need to be assembled by the customernot PK Firearms.

At PK Firearms we install certain bolt carriers in each type of complete upper assembly that we build, however this is only for standardization of the ordering process.  We can install any bolt carrier group that a customer requests as long as we have the item in stock and there are no compatibility issues with the particular configuration requested. Just give us a call and we will be happy to help out.

All rifles (firearms that have a buttstock attached) must have a barrel that is 16 inches or longer otherwise they must be registered with the ATF as a "short barreled rifle" (SBR).  An attached muzzle device can be included in the barrel length measurement only if it is permanently attached (pinned and welded) to the barrel in such a way that it cannot be easily unthreaded and removed.  If the muzzle device is permanently attached it can be used as part of the overall barrel length measurement.  In otherwords if you have a 14.5 inch long barrel that has a 1.75 inch flash hider pinned and welded to it, then the barrel would be considered longer than 16 inches in length; however if the flash hider is not permanently attached to the barrel then the barrel is only considered to be 14.5 inches in overall length and would fall under the classification of a short barrel.  Barrels or uppers assembled with barrels that are shorter than 16 inches in length can be used on any pistol lower (a lower without a buttstock) without having to be registered as a "short barreled rifle"; however they cannot legally be attached to a rifle lower (lower with a buttstock) without being registered with the ATF as a "short barreled rifle".

Remember this process may sound intimidating and lengthy but we are here to help and assist you through the process.

This item is restricted under NFA regulations and All NFA rules apply.

What is the process for buying an SBR in Illinois?

Step 1: You will need your Federal Curio and Relics License. This is an Illinois requirement for owning an SBR. We will provide the link to ATF's website for the proper form for the license. Once filled out you will pay a $30 fee which is good for 3 years. This license as of now is taking roughly a month to receive. You must have this license before you procede further in any transfer paperwork. 

Step 2: You will need to complete an ATF Form 4 Application for a tax paid transfer and registration of a firearm.  

PK Firearms has all the required forms to help complete your application process

This form involves the following:

  • Two Form 4 Copies to be sent to the BATF
  • One Form 4 Copy sent to Chief Law Enforcement Officer for notification
  • Two copies of finger print cards taken by a police department or qualified finger printer
  • Two passport sized pictures for the applications
  • A Certified Citizenship Form
  • A $200 Check for a one time transfer tax

These forms will be sent to the BATF for approval, once they are approved your tax stamp will be returned to you and then you can take possesion of the firearm. The process takes the BATF anywhere form 3-5 months to complete. 

Our website will not allow you to purchase the SBR online. However the item your looking at is in stock and we require you to start the process over the phone or at the shop in person.