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Gunslick Pro Bulk Cotton Patches - 2 1/4" x 2 1/4"


Round out your cleaning supplies by stocking up on cotton patches from Gunslick® Pro. This bulk pack of cotton patches handles the most popular handguns and small bore shotguns.  A tight cotton weave ensures full cleaning each and every pass through the barrel and 250 count ensures you have plenty of these high use items.  For use with 9mm, 10mm, .38, .357, .40, .410, and 20 gauge.

BreakFree CLP - 12oz Aerosol Can


A super cleaner, lubricant, preservative containing Teflon and other specialized chemicals. Penetrates and displaces corrosion, dirt, firing residue and water better than ordinary solvents. Keeps on working after application as a fantastic lubricant that grit can’t adhere to; coated parts actually become self-cleaning. Guns and parts treated and cleaned with it are never “degreased”—so there’s no chance of rust forming. In lab tests, Break-Free removed 98% of all firing residue and withstood over 100 hours in a 5% salt spray test with no evidence of corrosion.

Pro-Shot Cleaning Patches .17/.22 Rimfire


Pro-Shot  .17 Cal - .22 Rimfire 3/4" square cleaning patches. 100% cotton flannel. 500ct

Cadiz Gun Works Gen 2 - 9mm FLASH HIDER - Solvent Trap Adapter


The GEN2 9mm solvent trap adapter is an adapter that screws on to the threaded muzzle of your firearm.  The GEN 2 solvent trap looks and works similiar to a flash hider, the main difference being that it allows you to screw an oil filter directly onto the flash hider to trap solvent when cleaning your gun from the breech, without the trouble of having to remove your muzzle device each time you need to clean your gun.  This solvent trap adapter has 1/2-36 threads which are standard on most AR-15's chambered in 9mm.  It will attach to the muzzle of any caliber gun that is threaded 1/2-36.  Th

357/380/38/9 Bore Snake


The Bore Snake is an all in one bore cleaning tool that pulls through your barrel and cleans it thoroughly in just a few seconds. A weighted brass drop through cord easily slips through the barrel to get the Bore Snake started. You just grab the end and pull the rest of it through. The "business end" of the Bore Snake has a whole bunch of surface area impregnated with brushes and floss (160X more floss than a patch). One pass with the Bore Snake equals several passes with conventional tools.

Otis .30 Caliber Gun Cleaning System


Otis .30 Caliber Gun Cleaning System

Compatible Calibers: .308, 30/30, 30-06, 7.62mm and 7mm


  • Bore Brush
  • Chamber Brush
  • T-Handle 
  • Obstruction Removal Tool
  • Brass Slotted Tips For Patch Cleaning
  • Brush Adapter
  • Bore Flag
  • Patches
  • Solvent / Cleaner
  • 8" and 30" Cables For Breech to Muzzle Cleaning


Otis Stiff All Purpose Brush


Otis Stiff All Purpose Brush

Available in Single or Five Pack