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GG&G 1245 - Heavy Duty Tactical Bipod - Swivel


Weighing in at 17 oz, this is the ultra-heavy duty version of the GG&G Tactical bipod.  All of the same features of the standard version, just beefed up for extreme usage on squad automatics, light machineguns, and 50 BMG heavy sniper rifles.  Swivel Version.

GG&G 1407 - Quick Detach Standard XDS Swivel Bipod

  • QD Bipod features 25 degrees of cant in either direction for rough terrain adjustability.
  • Quick Detach AR-15 Bipod height adjusts from 7" to 9.25" when measured from the bottom of the dovetail to the bottom of the foot pads.
  • Silent deployment, fully adjustable legs with thumb nut adjustments.
  • Grip tight foot pads.
  • Deployed leg can be used as vertical grip.
  • Tool –less swivel tension adjustment.

GG&G 1409 - Quick Detach Heavy Duty XDS Bipod


The GG&G Quick Detach Heavy Duty XDS Bipod with the ability to cant offers a greater range than previous versions. In addition to a much stronger pivot mechanism, the design affords 25 degrees of cant in either direction of center. Not only does this increase better rough terrain adjustability, but this pivoting capability allows the deployed bipod leg to be used as a vertical foregrip if required for rapid transition.