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A2 Sight Tool


Standard 4 prong A2 front sight adjustment tool.

GG&G 1281SA Flip-Up Front Sight for Gas Blocks


The unique and proprietary design of the mechanism allows the actuator spring and mechanical components to be captivated and therefore not be open to environmental elements. The sight not only springs into an on target position with just the push of the actuator button, but it also locks solidly into the upright on target position. Another push of the button and the lock is released allowing you to set the sight into the locked down position. The sight cannot be folded down without depressing the actuator button located on the left side of the sight base.

KNS Precision AR15 Hooded Crosshair Front Sight


Replaces front sight post without modifications to your gun.  Crosshairs are heat treated berylium and .010 in diameter.

RRA Detachable Front Sight


Front sight is designed for railed gas blocks.  Sight is taller and not designed for use on handguards that are same height as upper receiver.

Stainless Steel A2 Sight Tool


Need not worry about the ears breaking off if you drop this one.  This is as good as it gets.

Troy Industries Back-Up Iron Sight - REAR - BLACK


Dual peep, same plane aperture allows for perfect co-witness of red dot and holographic optics.  Full Windage adjustment knob located in same position as standard M16A2, A3, A4 weapons.  Each click equals .25 MOA (M16A4 rifle) and .33 MOA (M4 carbine) shift in impact.  A stainless steel cross-lock provides 1000 pounds of shear strength.  Sight works in conjunction with all standard height front sights.  The cross-lock guarantees return to zero, eliminates all wobble and the possibility of accidental folding.

YHM-9627 Front Flip-Up Sight For Forearms


This durable, all steel sight attaches to any of our railed forearms to give you a backup iron sight. The sight folds out of the sight line with the push of a button and flips and locks in the deployed position with ease.

YHM 5030-H - Front QDS Sight


YHM QDS (Quick Deploy Sight). These folding HK style front sights feature an automatic deploy system that springs the sight up with the push of a button. They lock positively in the upright and folded positions. Made of aircraft quality aluminum and hardcoat anidized to Military specifications.

Proper Height for Forearm mounting.