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A.R.M.S. #40A2 - BUIS 200-300 Meter


A.R.M.S. #40A STAND ALONE FLIP UP REAR SIGHT 250-300 METERS - The A.R.M.S.® Stand Alone Flip-up sight, utilizes the same well proven concept as the rear sight on the SWAN® Sleeve system. The unique design of the spring loaded rear sight, ensures constant battery action and repeat zero. The sight is held in the locked down position by a quick release lever, that prevents the sight from being accidentally engaged, but is as fast as a trigger to release even with arctic mittens. The initial elevation zero utilizes the standard M16/M4 front sight bead.

A.R.M.S. #40L - Low Profile BUIS


The ARMS #40L has all the features of our excellent #40A2 series sights but has a lower profile, allowing more clearance for mounting optics on the flat top receiver.

A.R.M.S. #40 Low Precision


The P stands for precision .50 MOA, = minute of angle means at 100 meters, each click of the windage knob moves the point of impact .50 left or right. The sight also has new notches above the round apertures for faster CQB engagements inside of 50 meters and also for long range 500-600 meter. New improved feature is the captivated nut.

A2 Sight Tool


Standard 4 prong A2 front sight adjustment tool.

A.R.M.S. #41-BL Front Folding Sight - Bayonet Lug


The NEW A.R.M.S. #41-B SILOUETTE Front Folding Sight solves the problem of trying to fold the well known triangle shape of the conventional non folding front sights. Barrel mounted in place. Utilizes a rugged spring loaded angled support system to eliminate getting caught up in brush and other combat hazards. Also uses the standard front sight post. With Bayonet Lug

GG&G 1281SA Flip-Up Front Sight for Gas Blocks


The unique and proprietary design of the mechanism allows the actuator spring and mechanical components to be captivated and therefore not be open to environmental elements. The sight not only springs into an on target position with just the push of the actuator button, but it also locks solidly into the upright on target position. Another push of the button and the lock is released allowing you to set the sight into the locked down position. The sight cannot be folded down without depressing the actuator button located on the left side of the sight base.

KNS Precision AR15 Hooded Crosshair Front Sight


Replaces front sight post without modifications to your gun.  Crosshairs are heat treated berylium and .010 in diameter.

KNS Precision AR15 Hooded Duplex Front Sight


Replaces front sight post without modifications to your gun.  Crosshairs are heat treated berylium with a center section of .010 in diameter and the heavy section of .020 in diameter.