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ACE HAMMER Collapsible Buttstock


Ace Hammer buttstock 

 1) Designed with input from combat experienced US Special Operations Forces soldiers. For use in Close Quarters  Battle (CQB) with or without body armor. 
 2) Strongest production AR-15 series rifle stock made in the world! 
 3) Four sling mount positions / 2 quick detach and 2 mounting points on gusset. 
 4) Ambi sling mount / gusset with internal taper that reinforces the receiver extension tube and the receiver. 
 5) Adjustable cheek rest. 
 6) Lockable adjustment lever insures no accidental release or adjustment of the stock. The adjustment lever screw   is machined from heat treated 8620 steel to absorb the recoil of heavier calibers. 
 7) Buttstock position can be preset to desired length of pull. 
 8) Shipped standard with aluminum buttplate.  
 9) Proudly, precision machined from heat-treated 6061-T6 aluminum in the USA by Americans. Surface is conditioned and then hard coat anodized black as per military specifications.
10) Factory set roller bearings eliminates rattle. DO NOT ADJUST!
11) Machined in “HAMMER” feature for breaching doors and hand to hand combat.
12) 7 position mil-spec. buffer tube (RET).
13) The HAMMER BUTTSTOCK uses the CAR buffer and spring. (not included) 
14) When breaching doors or when using the butt as a battle hammer, fully collapse the buttstock. The HAMMER BUTTSTOCK is strongest in this position.