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Upper Receiver Action Block for 5.56mm/.223 Receivers


Designed to hold upper receiver in a vice without fear of crushing, marking or scratching the finish.  Fits inside all stripped or barreled, carry handle and flat top receivers with .250 pivot pin diameter. Holds receiver at any angle for cleaning, or fitting sights and accessories. 


YHM-9621A Handguard Wrench


The custom spanner wrench used to turn the lock ring on free float Yankee Hill Machine Tubes.

The Art of The Tactical Carbine Volume II, 4-Disc DVD Set


The Art Of The Tactical Carbine Volume 2 takes carbine operation to the next level. This 4 Disc Set has over 5 hours live fire class instruction, dynamic drills breakdowns, extensive gear discussion and weapon's manipulations, and mindset methodologies necessary to survive when things go wrong.

Aerial Platform Operations DVD


Magpul Dynamics brings the basic building block of Aerial Platform Operations. Whether you are a Law Enforcement, Military, Park Services, Coast Guard, etc… you can utilize this training tool to build the blocks required to increase your success and build your unit or agency standard operation procedures.

Instructors Travis Haley and Chris Costa address everything from budgeting issues, mission planning, recon, surveillance, search and rescue, maritime operations to actually having to take a shot from a aerial platform.

The Art of The Dynamic SHOTGUN


The Art of the Dynamic Shotgun features over five hours of actual live fire class instruction and additional instructional material.

GG&G 1457 - Titanium Penatrator


The PENATRATOR tire deflator is another in a series of new covert defense tools designed and manufactured by GG&G. It is designed to provide a covert tire or container deflator and defensive weapon that can be used in unforeseen emergency situations. In the passive mode, it looks like a large pen but by removing the pen cap a very sharp point is exposed that will aid in dealing with an unexpected threat. The PENATROTOR has a 2.6" hollow titanium shaft, is extremely rugged, corrosive resistant and lightweight. The hollow shafts provide an effective route to let what's inside--outside!

Daniel Defense Vickers Tactical Training Series - Carbine I & II


Retired career Special Ops soldier and famous combat arms instructor Larry Vickers has teamed with Daniel Defense to present a groundbreaking new training series for the tactical carbine. Now for the first time on DVD are the basic fundamentals and overall concepts for tactical shooting that guide today's Special Ops soldiers and Elite law enforcement units. These are the battle-tested skills and drills that Vickers relied on during a twenty-year career in Special Operations.

Upper Receiver Action Block for .308 Receivers


Designed to hold a .308 upper receiver in a vice without fear of crushing, marking or scratching the finish.  Action block fits LR-308 receivers, Knight SR-25, and with minor modifications to the action block it will fit AR-10 receivers.