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Armorers Barrel Wrench


Durable steel wrench gives you seven tools-in-one for maintenance, repair or building AR15 and M16 rifles.  Use to install or remove: free float tubes and peg-style  barrel nuts, standard barrel nuts, carbine stock, flash hiders, extension tube and buttstock screw.

Complete AR15 Owners Guide


The purpose for this book is to build a foundation for understanding,  evaluating and selecting AR-15 rifles,  components and accessories.  Within these pages you will find a straightforward,  uncomplicated approach to AR-15 ownership and use.  Based on your needs and desires,  it will help you think through your configuration and choice of rifle.  Once you have your rifle,  you will find useful information to help you operate,  maintain and troubleshoot it.  It is for anyone interested in this,  the most versatile rifle system ever developed,  whether contemplating one's first AR-15 or one

Daniel Defense Lite Rail Barrel Nut Wrench


Daniel Defense AR15 Lite Rail Barrel Nut Wrench.\240 This wrench is needed to install the DD AR15 Lite Rail.

Delrin Takedown Punch


Easy removal of those tight takedown and pivot pins without scratching your finish.

Empty Chamber Marker


Day glow orange to mark a empty chamber.

Flat Black Touch Up Pen


Birchwood Casey instant touch up pen.  An easy and effective way to touch up nicks and scratches.  Flat black color.

GI M16 Technical Manual


This manual provides operation and maintenance instructions for the M16A2,  M16A3,  M16A4 and M4A1 carbines.  These weapons are lightweight,  gas-operated,  air cooled magazine-fed,  shoulder-fired weapons that can be fired in either automatic,  three-round burst,  or semiautomatic.

Handguard Removal Tool


Easy-to-use, just hook tool into mag well or under pivot pin lug and push down on the handles. Pushes the delta ring straight down, allows both handguards to be removed in seconds.

Heavy Duty STOCK Castle Nut Wrench


No-fail armorer's tool provides all the leverage you need to tighten and loosen carbine stock nuts. Dual-purpose wrench fits the later M4 receiver extension nuts with slotted relief cuts, plus the additional slot fits the end of rifle buttstock receiver extensions. Includes a convenient hang-up hole on the end for storage. Measures 12" long, 1" wide and 5/16" thick.