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GG&G 1189 - Agency Sling Adaptor - Looped Ambi


Certain local, state and federal agencies have now established policies indicating that if a tool needs to be used to remove a part of the weapon to install a new accessory it cannot be done unless the gun is sent to the agency's armorer or gunsmith for the installation. GG&G has developed the New Agency Rear Sling Adapter to assist the agencies with this issue. This new GG&G Agency Rear Sling Adapter only requires that the rear assembly of the collapsible buttstock be removed. No tools required.

KNS Precision AR15 Handguard Sling Mount Stud


Attaches through top or bottom vent holes in standard handguard.

M-16 Sling


Standard issue 2 point m16/ar15 sling.

Magpul ASAP Sling Plate


ASAP ( Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point)

TangoDown PR-16A4 Fixed Stock Sling Adapter


The NEW STYLE PR-16A4 Single Point Sling Mount installs on any M16A2 /A4 style fixed rifle stock. No weapon disassembly required. Great for Agency or Unit members that are prohibited from 'permanent' weapon modifications. Installs/removes in minutes. Smooth shape does not interfere with charging handle or weapon manipulation.

The PR-16A4 offers easy ambidexterous sling use. Comes complete with instructions, installation wrench and heavy-duty push button sling swivel.

Wilderness - 6 Position - Tri-Glide Sling - TAN


Designed for the M4 series carbine with rib-reinforced telescoping buttstock and front side sling adapter. Ambidextrous for right or left hand shooters.  This sling attaches to the rifle at 2 points, the buttstock and the front sight tower.  Currently availabe in Tan only.

Wilderness - AR15 A2 Fixed Stock Sling


Designed for the M16 series rifle with A2 buttstock and front side sling adapter. Ambidextrous for right or left hand shooters. Black or Tan or Green.