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GG&G 1241 - ACOG Accucam With Lens Covers


Without a doubt the ACOG 4X32 series scopes are some of the most rugged and dependable scopes available. However, we think it is missing a very important component--lens covers.

The package includes the GG&G compact ACOG Mount with integral front lens cover adapter, the rear lens cover adapter, and a set of custom Buttler Creek lens covers that provide weatherproof, dust proof and moisture proof protection for the ACOG lenses. The 1241 model fits the TA01NSN, TA01ECOS, TA01NSN-DOC, TA31DOC, TA31ECOS and TA31TRD.

Scopecoat - Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Model


Neoprene scopecoat protects optics from damage.  Fits all Aimpoint R1, H1 and T1 Micro Red Dot Optics.

Scopecoat - Eotech XPS Model


 Neoprene scopecoat protects optics from damage. Fits all XPS models.

Will NOT fit EXPS models.

Scopecoat - Trijicon RMR Sight Cover


Neoprene scopecoat protects optics from damage. Fits the Trijicon RMR Red Dot Sight.

Scopecoat - Trijicon ACOG TA01 w DOC & RMR Model


Neoprene scopecoat protects optics from damage. Fits all 4 x 32 ACOG with DOC or RMR miniture Red Dot Sight.

GG&G 1408 - Aimpoint T-1/H-1 Bolt On Mount w/ Integral Lens Covers


Aimpoint T-1/H-1 Bolt On Mount w/ Integral Lens Covers has an ergonomic design. Aimpoint T-1 and H-1 mount provide a solid bolt on squeeze rail mounting system with a single recessed side bar and recessed socket head cap screw. The Aimpoint mount includes a custom prepared lens cover for the objective lens and an integral lens cover for the ocular end of the scope. The Aimpoint T-1/H-1 scopes easily install onto the T-1 mount and the H-1 mount with for 3mm screws. The installation wrench is included. Designed to mount directly to the AR-15/M16 upper receiver's dovetail.

Trijicon RMR Mount - RM38


Trijicon RMR mount for 3.5 power and 4 power ACOG.

Trijicon RMR Mount - RM34


Tall Picatinny Rail Mount for RMR.

Badger Ordnance Scope Rail For Remington Action - ZERO CANT


Badgers one piece mounts are machined from 4142 pre-hardened steel (28-32RC). It features an integral recoil lug. Available for Remington short actions in ZERO MOA cant.

Aimpoint Micro Sight Mount for Glock Pistols


This product from Aimpoint is designed to mount a micro sight to the top of the slide on Glock Pistols.  This item attaches to the microsight by removing the standard Picatinny / Weaver rail mount that is supplied on the sight.  To install the mount on the pistol, the rear sight must be removed.  The mount is then slid over the dovetail that is cut in the slide and the set screw on the mount is tightened against the slide to hold it in place.

Comes complete with mount, mounting screws, low strength loctite, Aimpoint torx head wrench and allen wrench.