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Rock River Arms - LEF-T - Std A4 Rifle


All of the quality and precision of the RRA LAR-15, engineered and outfitted specifically for the left handed shooter.  With left hand side ejection port, shell deflector and forward assist, right hand side safety selector and bolt catch, ambidextrous mag release and ambidextrous charging handle.  The Rock River Arms LEF-T Std A4 Rifle features a 20 inch CMV barrel chambered in .223 Wylde, with a 1:9 twist, rifle-length gas system, and 1/2-28 threaded muzzle.  Forged LAR-15LH lower receiver, forged A4 LEF-T upper receiver, RRA two stage trigger, RRA Overmolded A2 grip, A2 buttstock, rifle-l

Colt LE901-16S - .308 Winchester


Be it prairie dog hunting in Texas, whitetail hunting in Maine or elk hunting in Colorado, the Colt LE901-16S™ is the rifle for the hunt.  Chambered in the classic .308 Winchester cartridge, the LE901-16S is the perfect choice for medium to large sized game animals.  Exceptional accuracy is assured by its free floated, 16.1” chrome lined barrel and one-piece monolithic upper receiver, suitable for mounting your optic of choice.  Keeping the varmint hunter in mind, the .308 Winchester upper receiver group can be easily swapped out for any Mil-Spec Colt upper receiver chamber

Daniel Defense MILSPEC+ M4A1 Rifle



The Daniel Defense M4A1 features the M4A1 RIS II, which has been in use by US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) for the SOPMOD II Weapons System since 2005.  The M4A1 features a 14.5” Cold Hammer Forged M4 Profile barrel with a permanently attached Daniel Defense Flash Suppressor.


Rock River Arms X-1 Rifle - Beast Muzzle Brake - .223 Wylde


The Rock River Arms X-1 Rifle features a Rock River Arms 18 Inch fluted, bead blasted, cryogenically treated, stainless steel barrel, chambered in .223 Wylde with a 1:8 twist, midlength gas system and a 1/2-28 threaded muzzle.  Also features a Rock River Arms forged LAR-15 lower receiver, two stage trigger, Hogue pistol grip, winter trigger guard, Rock River Arms 6 postion CAR Operator Stock, Rock River Arms forged A4 upper receiver,  Rock River Arms TRO-XL extended length free float rail, low profile gas block, standard charging handle, AR-15 bolt carrier group, and a Rock River Arms Beast

Yankee Hill Machine - Model 57 - Billet Rifle - 5.56 NATO


The Yankee Hill Machine - Model 57 - Billet Rifle features YHM's billet upper and lower receiver manufactured from 7075-T6 aluminum.  The billet lower receiver features an oversized magwell, integral trigger guard, 2 stage - 5lb trigger, YHM-7284 EZ pull take down and pivot pins, Magpul Commercial CTR buttstock, and a Magpul MOE pistol grip.  The upper receiver features a YHM 16 inch fluted, threaded barrel, chambered in 5.56 NATO with a 1:9 twist, carbine length gas system and 1/2-28 threaded muzzle.  It also features a YHM-5145 SLR SLANT series midlength handguard, YHM 5040 QDS sights, ta

Rock River Arms - LEF-T - 24 Inch Varmint Rifle


The Rock River Arms - LEF-T - 24 Inch Varmint Rifle features a Rock River Arms 24 Inch, cryo-treated, stainless steel bull barrel, chambered in .223 Wylde with a 1:8 left hand twist, rifle length gas system, and a target crown muzzle.  Also features a forged RRA LAR15LH lower receiver, RRA two-stage trigger, winter trigger guard, Hogue pistol grip, A2 buttstock, RRA forged A4 LEF-T upper receiver, RRA TRO-STD free float rail, and a low profile gas block. 

Daniel Defense M4 Carbine v9 S2W Rifle


The new Daniel Defense M4 Carbine v9  S2W was designed to satisfy the needs of modern shooters not only in popular shooting sports but also for tactical and defensive applications.  The DDM4v9 S2W is equipped with an 18” S2W profile Cold Hammer Forged barrel, covered by the DDM4 Rail™ 15.0, gives the operator the option to have the support hand extended out close to the muzzle, allowing them to drive the gun more precisely, and preventing overtravel when swinging between multiple targets.  This combined with our mid-length gas system, which is known to have a smoother recoil impulse, allows

Daniel Defense M4 Carbine MK12 SPR Rifle


The evolution of the SPR comes home to Daniel Defense in the MK12.  Born of necessity, raised in the Army’s Marksmanship Unit and refined to Daniel Defense Mil-Spec+ standards.  The MK12 is constructed around an 18-inch Stainless Steel barrel with a chamber created during the Cold Hammer Forging process, which ensures the most precise alignment of the chamber to the bore possible.  This, along with being salt bath nitride finished, equates to unprecedented accuracy and durability.  The MK12 barrel is engineered with a rifle-length direct impingement gas system and utilizes the MK12 gas bloc


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