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Freedom Ordnance - FM-9 9x19NATO Belt Fed AR-15/M-16 Upper Receiver - 16.5" Barrel


We at PK Firearms are proud to announce we are now carrying the Freedom Ordnance, FM-9 9×19 Nato Belt Fed upper. Over a year in development and 10,000+ rounds in testing have been done by Freedom Ordnance, to bring you the world’s first 9mm belt fed!

Our upper will drop on to any mil-spec AR-15 or M-16 lower receiver. A mag block is dropped into the mag well from the top before putting the upper on, this provides an attachment point for the belt bag and houses the ejector, without the mag block in, the unit will not function. This is the only “modification” that is done and no tools are required. Comes standard with a 16.5" barrel, 150 round belt bag, and 150 links. 

We have tested and approved the ammunition below and based on customer feedback we have improved the heat treating process. The link lifespan has increased enough that we no longer need to designate an expected use. We still recommend to keep link lots separate as you use them as well as when you buy new links being they loosen after the first use. For more in-depth information on link lifespan please call the shop.

Approved Ammunition:

  • PMC bronze 115 gr fmj
  • Tulammo 9mm 115 gr steel case
  • Winchester white box 115 gr fmj
  • Seller & Bellot 9mm 115 gr fmj
  • Monarch 115 gr fmj
  • Privi 115 gr fmj brass case

We have tested other ammunition that was too weak and caused failures to eject or failures to advance belt. We recommend trying a small amount of ammunition before buying in bulk if it is not on our list above.


  • Machined from billet aluminum and ordnance grade steel. Heat treated and QPQ nitride finish on all steel parts to give the system extreme durability.
  • Disintegrating link blow back belt fed only system.
  • Unique quick change barrel system, rigid and accurate, no tools required. Switch barrels in seconds!
  • 1/2-28 T.P.I. standard barrel muzzle thread 1:10 twist
  • Standard numbered Picatinny rail system throughout
  • Removable bolt weight to adjust/tune the system for variances in hot vs light ammunition
  • Inserted steel receiver rails

Package comes complete with: 150rd belt bag, 150 links, mag block(for bag attachment and ejector.), box, manual.