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Sig Sauer P228/P229 - 9mm - 13rd Magazine


These are factory Sig Sauer magazines.

These magazines fit the P228 and P229 - 9mm model pistols.

Plinker Tactical 35rd Magazine for S&W M&P 15-22 - .22LR


These magazines look, fit, feel, and operate just like the Smith & Wesson magazines.  They are constructed of the finest polymers, which are impact and solvent resistant, and then sonically welded for maximum durability.  There are no screws or exposed springs.  The design is user friendly and heavy duty.  The 35 round magazine has a higher overall capacity than any other stick magazine on the market.

Brownells AR-15 USGI Magazine - 30 Round


Brownells AR-15 - 30 round USGI magazines with tan anti-tilt followers.

TangoDown ARC/20-1C - 20 Round AR-15 Magazine - 5.56 NATO


Tangodown has taken the same U.S. patent pending technology from its ARC-L 30 round magazine and incorporated it into a compact 20 round form.  Perfectly suited for snipers and designated marksmen who need to get low to the ground.  The 20 round ARC mag is also perfect for M4’s and AR-15’s which are mounted upright in between the driver and passenger seats in law enforcement emergency vehicles.

Sig Sauer R522 - 25rd Magazine


Polymer 25rd magazine that fits the Sig Sauer R522 and P522 Rifles.


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