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GG&G 1514 - 4rd Remington 12 Gauge Side Saddle Shell Holder


The unique design provides quick access to your ammunition at an angle that matches your hand. The GG&G Remington Side Saddle facilitates loading the mag tube and the chamber. No modifications are required to the weapon for installation. The Remington Side Saddle mounts solidly to receiver using provided steel trigger pin replacement bolts. Non marring backing plate will not damage the receivers finish. The backing plate is cut out to view weapons serial number.

GG&G 1597- CHROME Magnum Cylinder Pen and Pencil Holder


The GG&G Magnum Cylinder Pen And Pencil Holder is one of their latest creations. Naturally, we think one of these Pen and Pencil Holders belongs on every shooters desk and workbench.  At just over 6 oz. it makes a good paper weight too.

GG&G 1546 - Remington 870 Magazine Tube Extension


The GG&G Remington 870 Magazine Extension is easy to install. It attaches quickly and easily without modification to the shotgun.  This two shot magazine extension uses the factory follower.

GG&G 1012HD - Heavy Duty QD Sling Thing Rear


The Quick Detach Rear Sling Thing is designed for easy attachment to the side of the AR15/M16 collapsible stock including the newer ribbed models and is also ambidextrous.  The Rear sling thing easily installs in the rear slot of the buttstock using opposing socket head cap screws.  The Rear Sling Thing comes with a  Heavy Duty QD Sling Swivel.  The Heavy Duty QD Sling Swivel provides additional benefits like a larger quick detach button for an easier and quicker transition and a thicker wire diameter to provide a more robust sling attachment surface.  Our QD sling swivels are bead blasted